Production Space

Tent Rental – $475 per studio rental period or $75 per hour for hourly rentals


Require extra room for catering or craft services? How about additional space for holding or production office needs? Enhance your production area by opting for our convenient tent rental solution! Our 20-foot by 17-foot fully enclosed tent provides an additional 340 square feet of conditioned space for your production requirements. This rental package includes hassle-free setup and teardown, along with air conditioning throughout the rental period, ensuring a comfortable environment for your team. Expand your production space seamlessly with our tent rental service.

Youth Field Trips – Pricing is based on group size, participant age, booking period


Embark on an enriching and enlightening field trip with your students and staff to our production studio! This immersive experience offers youth the unique opportunity to participate in workshops led by industry professionals actively engaged in the film and TV world. From learning about different facets of the entertainment industry to gaining insights from experts, your students will be immersed in an environment buzzing with industry- standard knowledge.

With authentic film sets used in production, our studio provides an immersive backdrop for the workshops. With a capacity of up to 150 youth per day, each tailored experience ensures an age-appropriate and engaging program that caters to the specific needs and interests of the participants. Don’t miss this chance to ignite curiosity and inspire the next generation of creatives in the world of film and television. Call for rates

Company Team Building – Pricing based on group size, desired experience, and booking


Elevate your team-building activities by immersing your group in a unique and dynamic environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. Imagine your team recording skits in a hospital room, engaging in spirited debates in a courtroom setting, or participating in an interactive special effects makeup tutorial. At our production studio, these extraordinary experiences and more await you. Unleash your team’s imagination and bond through grown-up arts and crafts, costume play, or even refining your personal style. The possibilities for memorable team-building adventures are limitless within our studio’s versatile and inspiring space. Call for rates

Mock Trials  – for Law Offices

Lawyers seeking to conduct mock trials can benefit from utilizing spaces that closely resemble a courtroom. Fortunately, our studio provides precisely that! Whether you are training new lawyers, instructing law students, or preparing clients for trial, our studio offers an authentic courtroom setting for your needs. Our comprehensive packages include not only the use of the courtroom but also a complete A/V setup, recording capabilities, and even professional editing services. With our studio, you’ll find a one-stop shop that caters to all your requirements, ensuring a seamless and effective mock trial experience. Call for rates